It Will Be Okay

The Story

A tale of hope and gratitude about a boy born with a rare chromosome deletion 22q13.3 now called the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome.

It is what it is...

Parenting Davis requires constant adjusting to new truths, acknowledging and moving past sadness about what will never be, and enthusiastically accepting the better points of what is. Having an 8 year-old streak a cocktail party during his clothes off phase is a tension breaker. Standing by as medical personnel whisk him away to save him is a heart-breaker. For me, safe grace is somewhere in the middle.

How to order

The book will be coming to Amazon in 2019.

Special Needs Reads

Our son Davis was the 34th person in the world to be diagnosed with the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (PMS). His story is titled It Will Be Okay by Cheryl Wood. #Seizures #RareDisease #PMS #MammothStories #Disabilities #SpecialNeeds